Mixing Traditional and Modern Livestock
Neale and Janet McQuistin believe a mix of traditional and modern livestock breeds are best suited to make the most of their marginal upland farm in south west Scotland. [read article]

Galloways Important for the Environment
Easily managed Galloways are proving to be the ideal low-input cow alongside traditional Swaledale ewes for an upland farm in Northumberland with important implications for the environment. [read article]

Carhall award winning herd
Cumbrian pedigree Holstein enthusiasts Ian and Mark Mallinson are rapidly earning a name for their Carhall herd. The father and son have scooped individual titles in Holstein UK’s 2007 All Britain Awards. [read article]

Faithful to the Bleu du Maine
The attributes of a prolific, commercial female with length and weight have kept John and Kathleen Davison faithful to the Bleu du Maine for almost 20 years. [read article]

Shorthorn is the key to survival
Cumbrian marginal land farmer Tony Wood is convinced that the Beef Shorthorn is the key to survival since decoupling of agriculture for the family farm. [read article]

Ice Cream Connoisseur adds value
Self-taught connoisseur of ice cream Leigh Stamperís ambition took 10 years to come to fruition, but now this business is adding ten times more value to the milk produced compared with that sold on the milk contract. [read article]

Hobby proves to be valuable enterprise
Pedigree Texel sheep flocks founded almost 20 years ago as a hobby have proved a valuable enterprise alongside a pedigree dairy herd for a Scottish farming family. [read article]

Visitor centre sheds light on farming today
A Northumberland farmer’s five-year vision to open his farm to the public and give them inside knowledge of the industry has finally come to fruition. [read article]

In the pink with British Blues
An enthusiasm for breeding pedigree beef cattle and encouraged by prices for cross-bred British Blue suckled calves have led Malcolm Telfer and Helen Claxton to start a new beef venture. [read article]

Roofed Midden benefits Lake District Farm
Simply roofing over a midden on a Lake District hill farm has made all round benefits to the environment and in savings on labour and other costs. [read article]

Cattle Shed ensures viability of Lake District Farm
Building a new cattle shed has helped ensure the future viability of a beef and sheep farm in the heart of the Lake District. [read article]

Sheep Housing benefits the Environment
New sheep housing has provided all-round benefits in efficiency, welfare and for the environment on a West Cumbrian upland unit. [read article]

Bright Future for Blondes
The Blonde has a bright future according to Mike Harrison whose suckler herd which produces Blonde crossbred calves has picked up a national award. [read article]

Maize improves Milk Production
Maize silage has been an important component in the diet of one of the leading UK pedigree Holstein herds in the UK despite its northerly base at Thursby, near Carlisle. [read article]

Lakeland Beef underpins the market
Dedicated beef producer and regular supplier of prime quality Lakeland Beef, Alan Brown says the brand has helped to underpin the market at a time when prices have been in the doldrums. [read article]

Galloways out-perform other breeds
Hedgeley Galloways
A switch to an extensively run herd of pure Galloways has paid dividends in today’s de-coupled agriculture for a Northumberland estate. [read article]

Roundhouse wins top CLA award
What has been described as “an ingenious concept for housing livestock” has won the CLA President’s Award for the best new build in England and Wales. [read article]

Dirty Water Pumping
Martyn Mawson
A small investment has saved both time and money for Lake District beef and sheep farmer Martyn Mawson who farms in a high rainfall and a catchment sensitive area only half a mile above Bassenthwaite Lake. [read article]

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